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Kodachrome Christmas

A Kodachrome Christmas Starring John McGivern

Nov 27th through Dec 19th
Northern Lights Theater inside Potawatomi Hotel and Casino
Tickets: paysbig.com or call 262 633-4218

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A Kodachrome Christmas DVD

A Kodachrome Christmas DVD

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John, I am a first time participant in your shows. I just saw Kodachrome and loved it. I laughed and cried. I loved the nostalgia, a sentimental bond I felt with the show. This was our first Christmas without the Matriarch of our family, my Grandmother. Your performance hit close to my heart. I was moved. Thank you. Jon from Bay View


People of Milwaukee - Thank your lucky stars JM was born in your part of the world - you are blessed. Some of us wish you would tour in Wonder Bread Years - like to Dallas Texas! Have loved all of your work - will save money to buy your DVDs, but seeing you in person, live on stage is the best - Love, Roberta in Dallas


John- loved your touching story reminiscing about your Family picnic, especially how your brother got to sit in the front seat, on the way home. Angie: Northshore Milwaukee Fan



I was just going to complain that you never come to Elm Grove and then I read some of the comments left by other people who enjoy you as much as I do and see that you've been there before. So come again soon!!! : )

Roz from Wauwatosa



Hi Mr. McGivern, My wife and I saw you at Grafton High School. I was raised in Milwaukee and I am 50 years old. You are awesome! You brought me back to memories of my old parish, St. Roman's, and my day's of delivering the Milwaukee Journal. My wife and I are still laughing at the good old stories. Thank you so much for your wonderful show! Donna and John: Grafton


Recently I was invited by my favorite nephew to attend your performance Wonder Years at Vogel Hall in Milwaukee. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for, but he insisted I would enjoy myself very much. Well, let me tell you, that was one of the best performances I have attended in recent years. You are an incredible performer and your presentation is absolutely wonderful. I can hardly wait to see you perform again. Sue from Brookfield (Yes! St. John Vianney)


Dear John: Just got home from the "Wonder Bread Years". I just had to fire up the old computer and let you know how awesome the show was. I am amazed that I could have forgotten clackers until you brought them out. Thanks for bringing me back to my childhood and all the memories... I am definitely a McGiven fan and hope to see your new show this Christmas.

Sherry in Waukesha


John, What a small world. The wonder bread years was great. You hit the buttons of my past and brought laughter to me, my spouse and our friends. I went to St Matthias grade school on 92nd and Beloit in Milwaukee, had milk money, carried a brown bag which I had to bring home and reuse until it felt like cotton cloth, it was so worn. Except, we could not afford those expensive Sears tough skin pants like all the other kids had... no no my mother ironed patches inside of the k....


John, My college friends and I were yukking it up on the front rows last Sunday. We were the rain bonnet/Ms. Brookfield women. You were just so great, and we had a fabulous time. They went home singing the praises of Milwaukee and you. Many thanks for such a laughing/ crying good time. Dixie Deines


Just saw the last performance of "The Wonder Bread Years" at Vogel Hall. Oh My God did that take me back ALOT of years! I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see another performance. Miss you on chanel 4, I always looked forward to seeing you. you always help me look at the humorous side of life. Diana: Franksville, WI.


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